ActivateMC Hosting

Minecraft server hosting made simple and enjoyable.

Meet the Team

Learn more about the dedicated group of individuals behind ActivateMC

Charlie Potter

Support Manager

After a growing interest in minecraft hosting, Charlie has a passion for helping people and joined ActivateMC to help fellow gamers with any support issues

Leo Hall


Leo founded ActivateMC Hosting in early 2017 with the passion of minecraft gaming solutions and server infrastructure. In his spare time you'll see him developing Spigot plugins

Aggelos Sarris

Website Front-End Developer

Aggelos is a professional website front-end developer with more than 2 years of experience and knowledge in the web-development industry.

Leo Dabelstein

Graphics Designer

Leo Dabelstein enjoys animating and has a wealth of experience in graphic design and puts this to good use, in his spare time you'll see him reading his favourite novel.

Doody Dood

Fabulous Snobbish Diva

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